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Sheila Jorgensen grew up in Colorado. She's lived in Evergreen, Denver, Steamboat Springs and Conifer. She has been working with and studying about Interior Design and Construction her entire adult life. 



Her first construction job, working as a painter in Larimer Square at age 17. Because of her studies and growing knowledge of floor plans and building techniques she quickly rose in the painting company business to become a foreman of large crews. This is where she began learning the importance of working with professionally skilled tradespeople, the craftsmanship, the scheduling, the timing, and how to work together as a team with all trades in a project.

Studying Interior Design 1988


Continuing painting work throughout college. First as a student of Architecture and Passive Solar Design, then Project Management and finishing with a degree in Interior Design from Colorado Institute of Art.

Painting and modeling for a Graco ad in 1985


Fun fact:  when Sheila opened her own painting business with Mogens Jorgensen, they did some "painter modeling" for a national advertising campaign of professional paint machinery. They were featured on the boxes and brochures of GRACO for many years.



Sheila met Mogens, a second generation Painter, and Social Worker from Denmark, they opened their painting business together in 1983 and eventually married. The business specializes in fine interior finishes, cabinetry, faux finishes and wallpaper.

Yearly travels to Denmark


They spend three to for weeks in Denmark yearly, visiting family and friends and catching up on the newest European design trends.


Volunteer Work

Sheila, daughter Saskia and husband Mogens.     Sheila has volunteered her design time and expertise to Habitat For Humanity and the Africa Hope Community. Sheila's volunteer work also includes loving her time teaching art history classes at the local elementary school for many years, as a board member on the Loveland Ski Racing Team and as a founding volunteer of the Venue Theatre Company in Conifer. Saskia now studies at the University of Denver. Together the family loves to ski, travel, bike, hike and spend their time in the beautiful Colorado outdoors. They also very much enjoy playing frisbee and learning new tricks with their beautiful brilliant Border Collie, Luna.  


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